I approach political issues with fervor. I love to gather information from all sides, and enjoy finding the underlying issues and agreements. I love the process of piecing together a coherent understanding of issues. I do my best to understand the positions that generate heat and passion, recognizing that what appears to be a wacky idea may contribute to the best resolution of an issue. I also do my best to admit my biases, and welcome someone pointing them out as they can be hard to see from my perspective.

I’m deeply concerned about our country. We are fearful, huddling in camps with people of like minds, and turning our neighbors into fearsome enemies out to destroy our nation with their other beliefs. We are besieged with escalating problems that we feel powerless to fix. I believe we can piece together a better future.

The money system is a foundation of society. It carves channels that constrain the ebb and flow of resources and productivity. Our current money system is the root of many of our problems; it pushes our society in specific directions. For this reason, it is important to understand how and why our money system works the way it does. Nearly everyone can agree our current money system has left us with a mess. Let’s make a new choice and choose wisely.

Here are my goals:

  1. To increase the number of people who understand our current money system and its inevitable outcomes, and then look at other options that more closely match our values.
  2. To generate a national dialogue about making our money system match the value we place on a stable, healthy, prosperous nation.

To make understanding our money system easier, I begin with some foundation concepts in the next section.

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