High prices make for hard times. Let’s review how much of your daily effort goes into feeding the money-financial wealth transfer machine.

Consider the personal costs that are clearly defined:

  • Interest on your debt – 10 percent for the average family.

Consider the costs that are mostly invisible:

  • Every dollar carries an interest burden.
  • Cream off the top of nearly every purchase goes to speculators.

Consider the costs that are not counted:

  • The loss and degradation of health, fertility, intellectual capacity, productivity, air quality, water purity, arable land, etc., that are brought on by hard times.

I do not have the data or the tools to calculate exactly how much of the cost of every single thing you buy is going to the financial sector. We know they are taking at least 30 percent of all business profits. But, that’s only what is a direct profit and recorded. The incredible shift of wealth over the past century to the very wealthiest Americans suggests the total going to the owners of the money creation institutions is considerably higher. I would guess it adds up to at least 40–50 percent of every purchase you make.

You work half your time to pay our financial overlords, and government does the same.

Just as your well-being is diminished when you have to pay more for everything, when public money for public works and maintenance shrinks, the common wealth suffers.

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