A stable value common wealth money is a neutral tool; it does not benefit or privilege anyone. For this reason, we will have a marketplace that comes closer to the ideals of a free market. Prices in our marketplace reflect true cost. The diversity of options increases. Manipulation that eliminates independent choice decreases. Informed consumers are more free to choose.

There is a balance of power between business owners and employees. Business owners still reap rewards for their efforts and employees are in a position to avoid slow-death wages or work conditions. Greedy immoral profiteers are replaced by responsible owners. While the price of labor may increase, this will increase the amount of money circulating in local economies which will have a broad positive impact.

Changing the money system does not change the economic system. We will still have private ownership of business and competition. With increased market diversity and prosperity, we are likely to have more. Without the interference of a few manipulating our money, we will have a level playing field and fewer monopolies. We will be a country genuinely offering an opportunity for everyone to get ahead with some hard work. Entrepreneurs with a good idea will have a broader base of people with capital to invest. More people will have the savings to take part in campaigns like those on Kickstarter.

It will no longer be possible to lose your money through no fault of your own. Your money will no longer be vulnerable to either bankers’ hormonal levels and moods or market euphoria. You will personally have to make choices that lose your money; no one else will be able to lose it for you without your permission. Prosperity will be a genuinely available choice for everyone. This is what a free market is supposed to be about!

Freedom & Structure

With common wealth money, we do not need to make a cost-benefit analysis that prioritizes profit-making. If a product kills people either quickly or slowly, you can’t do it. If it’s not safe according to available information – and it’s a business’s obligation to check – then go back to the drawing board, create a safety protocol that protects life, or BOLDLY label it with full information on the risks. And, if safety makes it more expensive and people do not want to pay the higher price, or it is too risky, and not enough customers want to take the risk, then you do not have a product to sell. If you can’t come up with a safe plan, then find another business. When we are not driven to keep growing the economy, we can say no to products and services that pose a risk to either our health or the environment. There will no longer be a systemic mandate to exploit and harm each other in the name of a prosperous economy.

A real free market

We are only free when we are informed and protected from exploitation. Government sets the standards and rules that assure a level and safe playing field. A free market is possible. And government only has this power to set the necessary standards and protections when it has the power to create a nation’s money.

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